Does Bryan do gardening?

Garden Coaching does not include gardening services. The idea behind Garden Coaching is to equip you with the skills you need to upkeep and improve your own garden.


I don’t know what plants are in my garden. Can Bryan help me?

Yes, with an extensive knowledge of thousands of plant varieties, Bryan can give you a personal guided tour of everything in your garden.


Does Bryan provide a landscape design?

No, the coaching is not a design service. Through Garden Coaching Bryan will verbally coach you about about how to get the best out of your garden.


Can Bryan help me choose the right plants for my garden?

Absolutely! Bryan can even include a 1-1 tour through a nursery of your choice to help you choose the right plants for your garden. You can use Bryan’s coaching in whichever way you like to improve your garden to help you make educated horticultural decisions. However remember this is a verbal coaching service, not design or manual work in your garden. We want to make you the expert – by passing the knowledge we have, onto you!


Can you visit me in rural Victoria?

Typically Bryan will visit you for coaching within a 35km radius from Mount Dandenong. This is approximately the distance from the Dandenong Ranges to Melbourne City. There are some rural locations that will be within this radius (such as Kinglake or Healsville) but if you live more thanh 35km away we will be happy to discuss a special Coaching plan that includes some payment towards travel.


What is the minimum coaching hours?

The minimum coaching time is 1 hour, which is $175.  If you wish to book a seasonal or more regular Coaching schedule we are happy to negotiate a price with you.


If you have a question about our coaching service that isn’t answered already, please email