Bryan McKinnon is a professional horticulturalist with over 25 years of industry experience in both retail and wholesale plant nurseries. With a broad knowlege of plants and Victorian gardens, his extensive nursery experience combines with a genuine love and passion for teaching other people to love their gardens. Bryan has worked in some of Australia’s leading and award winning nurseries and held sales through to managerial roles.  Bryan has also appeared on a number of radio talkback programs and presented talks to the public about gardening related topics.

With his friendly and jovial nature, the personalised tour of your garden Bryan is able to provide is just what you need to rejuvinate your love for your garden. It won’t be long until you are residing in your own Garden of Eden; one that he helped you create through the gardening services that he provides as a Garden Coach.

Contact Bryan from Recreating Eden on 0433 593 435 or email to arrange your Garden Coaching appointment.